Danny McCance 22 May 2017 01:34pm

Automation to cut EY workload by a third

The Big Four firm has said that apps and robots could take on as much as 30% of its tasks

In an interview with The Times, EY’s chief innovation officer Harry Gaskell stated that the firm aims to automate tedious tasks and processes.

“A lot of graduates are in the office until midnight adding information into spread sheets,” Gaskell told the newspaper.

“That knowledge is now in machines, so we can free up graduates to do more entrepreneurial projects.”

The firm stressed that this will not be a case of replacing employees but of streamlining the workload, reducing the drudgery of repetitive tasks.

EY employed 231,000 people globally as of June 2016, 30,000 more than the previous year. The UK firm grew by 7% last year and automation is seen as a way to fuel further growth.

The emphasis is on new roles and positions coming out of this automation, as skills in the workplace begin to change.

In March PwC released its economic outlook, suggesting almost a third (32%) of jobs in the financial and insurance sector could be obsolete due to advances in automation and artificial intelligence.

The firm also appointed its first UK artificial intelligence (AI) leader, Euan Cameron, earlier this month.