Danny McCance 10 May 2017 11:13am

Noel Edmonds demands compensation over HBoS scandal

In a letter to the boss of Lloyds Banking group, Noel Edmonds has asked for compensation amounting to £50m for damage to his reputation and loss of business
Caption: The TV personality has accused a former HBoS employee for his role in collapse of Edmond's business

According to a report in the Financial Times, the TV personality in the letter to bank chief executive Antónia Horta-Osório pinpoints disgraced HBoS employee Mark Dobson for his role in the collapse of his business, Unique Group, over a decade ago.

He also wrote that his reputation was “destroyed by humiliating media coverage that surrounded the collapse of the business".

In April this year the FCA said it would reopen its HBoS case.

On the same day Lloyds Banking Group announced it would spend £100m compensating customers for economic losses and distress following the fraudulent scam perpetrated by former HBoS employees at the bank's Reading branch.

The fraud drove some firms into the ground and eventually saw HBoS incur losses in the region of £250m.

In his trial in January, disgraced HBoS employee Dobson was convicted of conspiracy to corrupt and conspiracy to conceal criminal property.