Raymond Doherty 15 May 2018 10:29am

Accountants suffer from being “always on”

The last thing a quarter of accountants do before going to sleep is check their work emails

It is also the first thing they do when they wake up, according to research from CV-Library.

In addition, almost two-thirds (60%) reply to work emails or make work-related calls in their free time.

The report revealed that 80% of accountants believe this “always on” culture is having a negative effect on them.

They see it affecting their lives in a number of ways including: increased stress levels; negative impact on mental health; poor quality of sleep; feeling exhausted; and spending less time with their family.

Of those accountants surveyed, 30% have access to shared drives and workspaces, with 55% saying that they access these outside of working hours.

A report earlier this year found that workers in professional services are also the most likely to work overtime– with 45% of accountants feeling pressure to stay late.

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