Raymond Doherty 13 Nov 2017 02:30pm

Denise Coates is UK's top paid executive

The founder and head of gambling company Bet365 paid herself a total of £217m last year

Coates earned £199m in salary and collected £18m in dividend payments. She is now the best-paid executive in British corporate history.

The business made a profit of £525m last year on the back of a record £47bn places on bets.

Last year Coates topped the economia Accountancy Rich List.

She trained as an accountant within her family’s chain of Midlands betting shops. Coates asked her father Peter to let her run the chain and expanded it to almost 50 stores. In 2000 she decided the future was online and mortgaged the shops for a loan, buying the Bet365 domain name for $25,000 on eBay.