Jessica Fino 13 Nov 2017 02:41pm

Half of accountants unhappy at work

Half of accounting professionals are unhappy at their current jobs, leading to fatigue and boredom at work

Accountants were the fourth most affected professionals by low job satisfaction, just behind marketing, legal and hospitality professionals, a CV-Library survey of 1,200 professionals found.

Of those working in the accounting sector, 70.8% have had a job that made them miserable at some point in their career, and of the 50% of accountants who admitted being unsatisfied with their jobs, 95.6% said they were looking for a new job.

The main causes for their discontentment was the lack of development opportunities available to them (41.7%), the unfulfillment at their current work (29.2%) and the dislike of people they work with (12.5%).

Respondents said the most common feelings resulting from their unhappiness were fatigue (46.8%), boredom (44.7%), anger (40.4%) and sadness (36.2%).

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, suggested that firms could improve their employee’s job satisfaction by offering regular opportunities for training and giving promotions where staff deserve them.

He added that a friendly working environment would help develop a dedicated and long-standing workforce.