Joel Muckett 10 Oct 2017 04:05pm

A third of accountants are stressed

More than a third of accountants have admitted they suffer from stress

The survey from Careers in Audit (CiA) study found that 37% of accountancy professionals suffered from stress on a weekly basis due to their work, and more than half (57%) said they felt stressed at least once a month.

The study revealed that six in ten sufferers did not tell their managers when they felt stressed. More than a third (38%) rebuffed their symptoms as they believed it was a common condition and did not want to bother their managers.

“There is a strong call to action for bosses to create a better work-life balance for their employees, and in turn, reduce stress levels,” said CiA operations director Simon Wright.

An additional three in 10 accountants believed disclosing their symptoms could have a harmful impact on how they were perceived.

“Many are suffering in silence – fearing it could impact negatively and potentially hinder their chances of a promotion or even result in the loss of their job,” Wright added.

Wright encouraged managers to look at the “real causes” of stress in the workplace and create a culture where there was “no stigma attached” to the condition.