Jessica Fino 19 Oct 2017 01:26pm

Financial services miss out on best workplace culture list

The UK’s biggest accountancy firms did not make the top 20 companies by culture and leadership

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and job website Glassdoor named Northern Gas and Power the top employer by workplace culture, followed by hospitality software company Fourth, software consultants Equal Experts, housing provider RHP and business management consultancy Bain & Company.

The home assistance provider HomeServe also made it to the list in sixth place, while Facebook ranked 11. Skyscanner, the online travel company, came in 14 place and the dating app Badoo came in 16.

The list included a wide range of sectors, from software providers (Epos Now), computing and business management consultants (Cloudreach and Baringa Partners respectively) and automotive marketplaces (Auto Trader).

However, no accounting firm was featured. In May, LinkedIn said PwC, KPMG and Deloitte were three of the best 25 companies to work for in the UK, after analysing data on job applications, employee engagement and retention from its 23 million UK members.

The CMI and Glassdoor reviewed 700,000 companies, which to be included on the list had to have at least 50 culture ratings, 50 senior management ratings, a culture score of at least 4.1 and a senior management score of at least 4.1.

Patrick Woodman, head of research and advocacy at CMI said, “At a time when trust in business is at an all-time low and there are major worries about the UK’s poor productivity, every organisation can learn from these fantastic examples of well-managed businesses.”

He said the top 20 companies showed how quality management and leadership made a difference in inspiring and motivating employees.

Joe Wiggins, head of communications, at Glassdoor said, “Today’s employees and job candidates are more informed than ever before thanks to transparency and more company information available online. Organisations that have a strong culture will attract the best people, and in turn this will lead to stronger financial performance.

He said culture was important as it was second only to salary in terms of influence on a job candidate’s decision to join an employer.