5 Jun 2018 03:55pm

Sorting the T level: Mark Twum-Ampofo

Mark Twum-Ampofo, a partner at Kingston Smith, describes working with the government on its new technical qualification, the T level

Caption: Photography: Felecity McCabe
ACCOUNTANCY WAS A GREAT FIT FOR ME. The variety and breadth of the role really appealed, as I was always an all-rounder.

WORKING WITH SMES IS FANTASTIC. It’s such a vibrant sector and the owners’ passion
for their businesses is infectious. When you’ve worked with a client and supported them through challenging times there is an amazing sense of satisfaction when they raise funding they have been working towards or win a deal to take them to the next level.

WE ADD VALUE AS STRATEGIC ADVISORS. With technology and regulation affecting our traditional roles the profession needs to adapt.

BREXIT WILL HAVE A REAL IMPACT on recruitment and the availability of the right people – 7% of the workforce in the UK is made up of EU nationals. If many of those individuals leave, we’ll have a massive hole to fill.

WE NEED TO DO MORE to prepare young people for the world of work and provide good alternatives for individuals who want an education more focused
on a future career.

DESIGNING TO ACCOUNTING T LEVEL is a structured exercise. There’s regular consultation, a deliberately phased roll out… You have a massive responsibility to get it right first time otherwise students suffer and the qualification will fail.

OUTSIDE WORK I’M A RUNNER. I aim to run home once a week. On weekend mornings, you’ll usually find me pounding the Thames towpath. It’s a brilliant way to unwind.

YOU NEVER STOP LEARNING. Wherever you are in your career, there is always room for improvement.