Volvo 24 Nov 2017 11:16am

The only way is App

SPONSORED FEATURE: A new generation of Volvo Cars apps is making it easier for drivers and businesses to get the most from their fleet cars. Our Business Sales Operations Manager, Sarah Symcox, explains how they make her day feel seamless

Caption: At the heart of this evolution is the need for convenience

What if you could find exactly where you parked using the phone in your pocket? Or search for and save important information about your car in seconds? What if you could inform every important fleet decision with instant access to the latest tax information?

As our cars become more and more connected every year, drivers are learning to interact with them in a variety of different ways – from in-car touchscreens and holographic displays to voice control with natural speech.

At the heart of this evolution is the need for convenience, better functionality and a more complete service.

For me, our three groundbreaking mobile phone apps have already quickly found their way into my everyday – making my world both in and out of the office completely different from just a few years ago. Here’s how a typical day now looks…


I’m heading straight from home to a meeting this morning. It’s not the warmest start to the day and my car is looking icy, so I grab my phone and use the Volvo On Call app to remotely activate my car’s heating.


After finishing up some last-minute prep, I’m almost ready to head out onto the road. I send the postcode for my meeting location directly to my Sat Nav using Volvo On Call again – my car will be ready and waiting for me when I step out of the door.


I’m at my first meeting and the conversation moves onto key tax stats. In the world of fleet, tax laws are complicated and constantly shifting. For fleet professionals, calculating the overall tax burden of any one car can be a confusing process. I tap onto the Volvo Fleet Tax Guide app, giving me instant access to everything tax-related, including allowances, eligibility and more.


I’ve just left the meeting. After reaching the sizable car park, I realise that I can’t remember where I parked. No problem – out comes the Volvo On Call app again. A few simple taps and my car’s horn sounds, letting me know its location.


My second meeting of the day and I’m with a client that manages a large fleet. They’re interested in a particular feature of the New XC60 and how it will fit into their business. I open up the Volvo Owner’s Manual app and quickly explain the product and its benefits – there’s also a link to a video, which is useful for showing it in action.


I’m home and I’ve decided to take my dog for a stroll. I get a text from my husband asking where the car keys are, as he needs something from the boot – they’re in my pocket, unfortunately. Luckily, the Volvo On Call app lets me unlock the car remotely and the disaster is averted. Another day made easier thanks to a few small innovations – and a great example of Volvo driving the Human Made philosophy.