Pension Works 26 Oct 2017 12:16pm

Pension fund fees are getting lower. Have you got time to make sure you're benefiting?

SPONSORED FEATURE: After years of criticism and a growing popularity of passive funds, fund managers and pension providers are starting to look hard at fees

Caption: Lower fees are great for pension savers

That’s great news for pension savers.

For a £70,000 pension pot growing at 5% a year for 25 years, the difference between 2% in fund charges and 0.5% is nearly £64,000. (Even at 1%, the pot would be £40,000 bigger.)

But not all fees are created equal. Knowing which offer value and which are wasted – well, that requires time and insider knowledge. Then, for older pensions, there’s still a web of hidden fees to untangle. And if you have three or four pensions kicking about, the job gets harder.

Frankly, even if you know what you’re doing, it’s a headache. Which is where we can help.

At Pension Works, we make a thorough evaluation of how your different pensions are doing. If we can help – and we usually can – we can take on the legwork of assessing your providers, your fees and your funds to optimise and simplify your retirement planning.

You know what you ought to be doing. We can take pension saving tweaks off of your to-do list – and ensure you’re making more of your savings.

Pension Works: we make pensions work smarter.

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