volvo 14 Aug 2019 03:09pm

Embracing electrifiction

SPONSORED CONTENT: With more than 40 years’ electrification experience behind us, Volvo’s commitment to an electrified future on our roads is clear. In fact, by 2025 around half the cars we produce and sell will be electric

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Caption: By 2025 around half the cars Volvo produce and sell will be electric

Moving towards a world of reduced carbon emissions, better air quality and improved energy efficiency is something we care about deeply. That’s why we’re continually investing in our pioneering electrified range. We offer a great choice, from award-winning plug-in hybrids to our newest mild-hybrid powertrains in the XC60 and flagship XC90.

Just like their conventional petrol and diesel counterparts, these hybrid models offer all the quality and refinement you’d expect from a Volvo. So, you can enjoy comfort, craftmanship and Scandinavian design with a more environmentally aware powertrain driving you forward.

A twin engine takes you further

With a traditional combustion engine alongside a battery-powered electric motor, our Twin Engine plug-in hybrids offer no-compromise driving. Charged by plugging in or through our regenerative braking system, these versatile powertrains also deliver a range of driving modes. So prepare to make zero-exhaust-emissions trips in Pure mode, deliver efficiency with Hybrid and maximise performance with Power. All without the range anxiety of a pure electric vehicle.

Mild-hybrids: electrifying efficiency

Providing another alternative for those who care about emissions and efficiency, our new mild-hybrid powertrains take a conventional combustion engine and add a small electric motor. Generating power solely through regenerative braking, this motor supports the combustion engine for a smooth driving experience, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions – no matter the length of your journey.

Our partnership with ICAEW gives members like you exclusive access to offers across the Volvo range – including the hybrid variants of every one of our models. To find out more, contact Volvo Car UK or ICAEW and join the drive towards electrification today.

Visit icaew.com/Volvo or call the Volvo Car Business Centre on 03333 204 147.