20 Mar 2012 01:57pm

FSB: create a small business champion in the Budget

Government should look to the US and introduce a new body to champion the need of smaller firms in tomorrow’s Budget

According to the Federation of Small Businesses, George Osborne should model a new administration on America’s SBA (Small Business Administration) with a cabinet level minister committed to the needs of smaller firms.

Writing in the New Statesman, John C Walker, national chairman of the FSB, said: “Successive government administrations have said they support the UK's army of small businesses, yet none has given the sector the real clout that it needs. Most government departments make small business policy, yet none really understand the effect that constant change can have on a small firm.

“We believe that for true and meaningful change to be achieved and a small business attitude to be truly ingrained in Whitehall, that there needs to be a dedicated authority which "thinks small first".

"With government commitments to deregulation, procurement and growing the number of businesses that export, the SBA could prove to be the catalyst to achieving these aspirations.”

Walker was writing as part of the If George Osborne does one thing series, where a number of political groups and business organisations outlined what they want to see in tomorrow's Budget.

The British Chambers of Commerce called measures to prevent a rise in business rates, and the Employee Ownership Association said there should be capital gains tax relief.


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Helen Roxburgh