Raymond Doherty 11 Oct 2018 11:55am

#economia50 2018

This year we had a record response from our readers and Twitter followers

Caption: Who made up the top 10 this year?

Here are the top 50 most influential sources of finance news and information in social media, as voted for by you.

There has been plenty of movement this year, as people’s social media influence has grown and the votes have fluctuated.

But first, here’s how our ranking methodology works:

The set of metrics we use allows us to establish the reach and influence of our nominated industry figures.

We place emphasis on the votes cast by economia readers, in addition to measuring usage of interaction and performance stats to help supplement the results of the popular ballot.

Entrants are also judged against their proportion of followers to followees, their interaction ratio with other users in the form of retweets and replies, and the propensity for each of these messages to attract discussion and Moz page authority.

The ultimate goal is to reward the best all round users and to reward users sharing quality, insightful content with their followers.

To the results...

1. Jo Maugham QC
2. Dina D. Pomeranz
3. Paul Lewis
4. Rebecca Benneyworth
5. Frederik Obermaier
6. Aynsley Damery
7. Rita de la Feria
8. Alex Cobham
9. Naomi Fowler
10. Carl Reader
11. Heather Self
12. Richard Asquith
13. Paul Johnson
14. Paul Aplin
15. Francine McKenna
16. James Timpson
17. Alvin Mosioma
18. Cameron John
19. Dan Neidle
20. Maya Forstater
21. Rob Brown
22. Mindy Herzfeld
23. Miranda Stewart
24. Jeremy Cape
25. Judith Freedman
26. Rebecca Cave
27. Allison Christians
28. Kevin Reed
29. Nick Levine
30. Andrew Brooks
31. Suzi Woolfson
32. Bobby Lane
33. Stephanie Johnston
34. Robert Palmer
35. Mustapha Ndajiwo
36. Sharon Pocock
37. Della Hudson
38. Mark Lee
39. Will Farnell
40. Keith M Gordon
41. Rasmus Christensen
42. Fiona Hotston Moore
43. Aisling Donohue
44. Heather Townsend
45. Pete Miller
46. Elaine Clark
47. Karen Reyburn
48. Judith Knott
49. Graham Elliott
50. Steve Pipe