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Hiscox 1 Feb 2019 10:34am

Simple treasures

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Caption: Let’s face it, life seems more gratifying when you get to indulge in something you treasure the most
“Time is the greatest money-making asset an individual can possess,” says American retirement expert Ed Slott. It also means you’re less likely to have to compromise on occasionally treating yourself to somthing you love. And let’s face it, life seems more gratifying when you get to indulge in something you treasure the most.

We’re often advised to buy experiences rather than material goods to boost happiness and feelings of wellbeing and positivity. On the BBC Radio 4 show All in the Mind, psychologists from Cornell University found that people didn’t get joy from the anticipation of material purchases in the same way they did from experiences. Making time for yourself to do something you love, whether it’s a cycle ride, taking a pal for afternoon tea or helping clean a beach, will improve your day-to-day mood.

But there’s also a lot to be said for swooning over a piece of Van Cleef & Arpels jewellery, listening to the tick-tock of your Rolex Cushion Oyster, gazing admiringly at your Marc Newson limited edition chair or indeed sitting on it in the beautiful side return extension you project- managed. As the curators of the “Treasured Possessions” exhibition at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge would attest, the origins of our consumer society stretch back to the Renaissance, when there was a rapid development in what could be bought and who was able to buy. European shoppers in particular were lured by dazzling colours, intricate designs, constant technological innovation and the glamour of the exotic. We’re no different today.

Previously in this section, business journalist Alison Coleman has investigated the best items to invest in as well as the correct way to maintain and protect the value and integrity of your treasured possession. Over the years the consensus from the experts – whether we
were looking at watches and jewellery or art and property – has always been the old adage: “only collect what you like” and then make sure you protect it wisely.

This year we will be interviewing readers about their treasured possession: why they love it, why they invested in it, the history it has and what advice they’d give to others with a similar passion. We’ll also be speaking to the experts about best practice and what’s on trend.

Our focus will be on property, art, jewellery, furniture and watches. So if you or somebody you know would like to wax lyrical about your cherished Coco Davez or why you broke the budget for giant pivoting doors then do get in touch via the usual channels.