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Alison Coleman, Hiscox 16 Jul 2019 05:15pm

The power of sentimental value

SPONSORED CONTENT: Items of jewellery can often be found among people’s most treasured possessions, as much for their sentimental value as for their monetary worth

Caption: Sentimental value can be even more important than monetary value

Executive change mentor Sally Henderson has a Viking ring, given to her on her 18th birthday by her late grandmother, who had bought it from a museum in Denmark. Henderson, who mentors senior leaders in global organisations to overcome their leadership challenges, has worn the silver ring every single day since.

She says, “It has shared all of my life adventures, from A-levels, university, a solo trip around the world before the advent of email, and swimming with sharks in Malaysia, to the birth of my two sons, and launching my various businesses. It is one of my most treasured possessions.”

“I haven’t had it valued, as I wouldn’t consider parting with it,” says Henderson. “The only time I ever take the ring off is to clean it.”

Aside from key pieces, such as her wedding ring, she doesn’t own or collect a lot of jewellery. She says the Viking ring has the most sentimental meaning to her because of its family connection and link to her late grandmother.

“It makes me feel closer to my family who live far apart,” she says. “Wearing it has given me a constant reminder of my family support and that sense of connection and love. I particularly appreciated this when I was travelling the world alone with no means of regular contact.”

When it comes to caring for jewellery pieces, all ring metals have different cleaning and care specifications. With silver pieces it’s important to understand composition before using any solutions on it, says Sarah Buck at jeweller and watch seller Est. 1897.

“Genuine Viking rings would never have been cleaned with hard or abrasive substances, including chemicals,” she says. “I’d suggest cleaning silver jewellery with a solution of mild washing up liquid and water. Use a soft toothbrush, making gentle, circular motions, to remove any build up of dirt and or debris.”

After cleaning, the piece should be carefully patted dry with a lint-free cloth to avoid attracting dust and debris. Storing jewellery correctly is important for preserving its appearance, and Buck’s advice is to store pieces such as these in padded, lint-free box in a safe place.

She adds: “To discover the value of pieces like this Viking replica ring, research hallmarks to learn about the quality and history behind the jewellery. Look at any date letters and purity marks, as these will impact the overall value of your jewellery.”

Sam Watkinson, development underwriter, Hiscox UK, adds, “Many people are often unaware of the true value of their jewellery, particularly if items have been inherited or have not been recently valued, and would likely be shocked to learn that the ‘inner limits’ of many standard home insurance policies may result in some pieces not being covered in the unfortunate event of loss, damage, or theft.

“By sourcing appropriate home insurance from a provider who doesn’t limit the cover provided for jewellery, customers can relax in the knowledge that their most valued possessions are adequately protected, anywhere in the world.”

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