Esther O'Loughlin 9 Aug 2019 11:20am

Premier League: other ways to spend 90 minutes

With Premier League season about to kick-off, football fans will be taking over televisions everywhere. So, for those not interested in kicking a ball around a field, what are some other activities you can do for 90 minutes? Fear not, we’ve got some suggestions

football people in background 630
Caption: Some screen-free activities you can do in 90 minutes

Three episodes of a 30-minute podcast

Podcasts are the multitasker’s entertainment of choice, as you can listen while you work, walk, or workout. There are a plethora of genres and topics to choose from, and their use as an interview format is growing, meaning no matter what or who holds your interest you should be able to find an episode (or three) to suit. Alternatively, they are a great way to branch out and discover perspectives and passions different to your own.

Go for a walk

Why not take a break from public transport in rush hour and walk home from work? Explore a different route each day, or go for a wander on a weekend. Getting outside is a great way to relax and is proven to improve mental well-being and lower blood pressure. Use this time to explore your area, pat a dog, and find a new café or pub you haven’t been to. Things start happening when you look up from the norm.

Take a class

How often do you wish you could master a skill but you just don’t have the time? Yet somehow you wind up sitting on the sofa in front of the TV every night. Whatever your interest, there are all kinds clubs and classes that cater to it. Be it fitness, art, cooking, carpentry, or learning a language, if you factor an extra 30 minutes travel into your schedule you could up-skill and be home before you know it. Just imagine what you could master by the end of the season.

Read a book

It’s so easy to whittle away the hours on Youtube or social media. Take some time out to unplug and lose yourself in a good book. The National Sleep Foundation says that reading before bed enhances your sleep, while studies by the University of Illinois showed that it improves cognitive function, and research in the Science Journal found literary fiction to increase empathy and emotional intelligence. So what book are you picking up tonight?

Do a mini-triathlon

Take a break from your standard gym routine and challenge yourself with a 30-minute swim, 30-minute run and 30-minute bike ride. You could even measure how far you can go and monitor your progress throughout the season. Stick to it and you should be more than ready to compete in a race next May.

Cook a family dinner

As crucial as it is to take time out for yourself, quality family time is also important. A study by Colombia University found that kids who ate with their parents regularly were more likely to be emotionally strong and better communicators. There is no shortage of meal-options that can be prepared in less than 45 minutes – skillet lasagne, meatloaf, roast stuffed peppers and warm chicken salad to name just a few.