29 Feb 2012

March's gadget of the month: Zaggfolio

Spruce up your iPad with this light, sturdy (and stylish) keyboard

To tell you the truth, I still haven’t fully bonded with my iPad. It’s a guilty secret that it sometimes runs down between charges without me having touched it. It’s a terrible waste of a marvelous gadget. So what’s needed to make it more useful? Better knowledge of the apps available is one thing, but a proper keyboard that would make typing longer emails and documents a lot easier is a sure-fire winner.

There are plenty of Bluetooth keyboards available, but this latest carbon fibre Zaggfolio is perhaps the missing link to make you love your iPad as much as it deserves. It is strong and robust enough to offer great protection should you be the clumsy type, but light enough not to turn the iPad into a chunky bag weight.

 While there is a sense of loss whenever something that looks and feels as good as the iPad is hidden in a protective case, this one has the advantage of looking stylish in its own right. Is it time, at last, to ditch that chunky laptop?


Richard Cree