16 Jan 2015 09:16am

CES 2015: Six of the best gadgets for accountants

If you’ve been following coverage from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, you’ll no doubt have heard about the belt that warns you of your expanding waistline, the television that is thinner than an iPhone 5 and a variety of things that make up the internet of, well, things. But, is any of it of any actual use to accountants?

Neat Connect

The NeatConnect cloud scanner and digital filing system scans documents and receipts and sends the data straight to the cloud, or to your computer. It’s smart enough to recognise text and extract relevant tax information and categorise expenses.


Smart backpack

AMPL Labs Smart Backpack will let you charge your phone, tablet and even laptop on the go. With more variety than any of the many chargeable laptops, plenty of add-on batteries and options for customisation your device will be covered, wherever you are. All this power comes at a price. In terms of luggage design Mulberry it ‘aint, but it looks fairly sleek and streamlined all things considered.


Go faster, plaster

Fine, so this isn’t strictly accountancy related, but the AmpStrip been heralded as a major u-turn in the expanding market of wearable health and fitness trackers. And accountants need to keep fit too. Stuck to your chest like a plaster, AmpStrips takes detailed, continuous data on your heart rate and downloads it to your phone. Worn all day, every day – apparently it only needs to be taken off to charge once a week – it is designed to help you make better decisions about your training.


I, Robot

For when you need to be in two places at once. The iRobot AVA500 is a moving robot which allows you to have a physical presence in meetings, via video link, apparently. It has advanced mapping technology, which means it can move itself to the meeting location independently. And back to its own charging station. Efficient if slightly creepy.


Smart board

SmartKapp allows you to take notes on a whiteboard, which you can save, store and share in real-time with other collaborators. A simple idea, nicely designed – this means you won’t lose game-changing ideas.



Stressful day? The Breo iDream3 Eye & Head Massager uses air pressure, vibration and hot compress technology to massage your head and eyes. It comes with a wireless remote control and an MP3 player for ultimate at-desk relaxation.

Ellie Clayton

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