Danny McCance 29 Nov 2018 04:59pm

Six of the best: independent magazines

As we fast approach the depths of winter it’s nice to be holed up beside the fire with something good to read. For those who aren’t quite in the mood to start another book, have thumbed their latest issue of economia to pulp, or are simply wanting to explore something new, there are plenty of independent magazines on a wealth of subjects offering beautiful design and thoughtful journalism. Here are just six to pique your interest

Independent magazines
Caption: From slow journalism to mental health - the pick of independent print


This is a publication with a healthy dose of environmental and social governance. The Liverpool-based Ethos provides coverage on new and innovative businesses as well as profiling the individuals that make them work. Business, the producers feel, can be a force for good and as such focuses simultaneously on small community enterprises while also including coverage on national and international offerings.

Delayed Gratification

In what claims to be the world’s first slow journalism magazine, the writers and producers of Delayed Gratification take a step back from the frenetic pace of the news cycle, which it says favours being first over being right. The quarterly publication revisits and reconsiders news stories, boasting of being “the last on the scene” to allow for in-depth coverage that benefits from some time and perspective “after the dust has settled”.


With mental health issues affecting so many, the producers of Anxy address this still somewhat taboo subject in a manner that’s less about the clinical aspect of mental illness and more about considering the experience. In each issue a central theme – loneliness, boundaries, anger ¬– are used as a focal point through which ideas and perspectives are explored in interviews, essays and visual features.

The Gentlewoman

This biannual personal style and fashion mag focuses on “modern women of style and purpose”. The magazine, released as autumn/winter and spring/summer editions, uses arresting photography and design to accompany its interviews with inspirational women, such as filmmaker Sofia Coppola, robotics engineer Cynthia Breazeal and singer Adele, just to name a few.

Hole & Corner

Ostensibly a lifestyle magazine, Hole & Corner is more an ode to creativity. The quarterly magazine explores and celebrates craftsmanship and as one might expect it is in turn beautifully designed and curated. Launched in 2013, the publication – now on its 17th edition – offers news on events, reviews and interviews with people all around the globe who design, make and build.

Little White Lies

This bi-monthly covers all aspects of film, from the filmmaking process to the film-goer’s experience. Established in 2005, Little White Lies uses a special “tripartite ranking system” in its reviews in order to effectively capture the experience of the movies. Inside the beautifully designed covers – themselves reminiscent of movie posters – are reviews of recent releases, interviews from those in the industry and much more.