Frances Ball 18 Apr 2019 11:27am

KPMG joins push to address poor UK numeracy

Around 18.5 million working-age people in the UK have a poor or low understanding of maths, with numeracy skills that don’t meet requirements for daily life or for work. Poor numeracy costs the economy £20.2bn every year

These figures highlight how urgent the need for numeracy training is in the UK, KPMG and charity National Numeracy say. In a joint campaign, they are calling on businesses to help workers improve their skills in maths.

One in four UK employers have acknowledged that the standard of numeracy among young applicants is not satisfactory. This includes students – only 26% of undergraduates have strong enough numeracy for everyday working life.

National Numeracy are prompting more conversation about maths skills through initiatives that include National Numeracy Day – this year, on 15 May – and a maths challenge online.

Melanie Richards, deputy chair of KMPG UK and founding business supporter of National Numeracy Day, said, “We know that better confidence and greater ability with numbers can unlock significant value for individuals, businesses and the UK economy,” Richards said.

“It is vital that the business community continues to work together this year to build momentum on this critical issue.”