Jessica Fino 30 Aug 2018 10:45am

PwC launches new flexible working scheme

The Big Four firm has launched a new scheme that enables people to work without being tied into a full-time contract and standard working hours

The Flexible Talent Network allows some new recruits to choose a working pattern that works for them, which can mean working shorter hours or only a few months each year.

PwC said more than 2,000 people have registered for the scheme in the first two weeks.

The firm aims to attract more diverse talent that might previously have dismissed the firm as an option. The initiative follows a survey run by PwC that found 46% of people prioritise flexible working and a good work/life balance when choosing a job.

Laura Hinton, chief people officer at PwC, said, “People assume that to work at a big firm they need to follow traditional working patterns - we want to make it clear that this isn’t the case. In order to recruit the best people, we recognise that we need to offer greater flexibility, different working options and a route back in for those looking to restart their careers.

“People in the network will get to spend their year their way, whether it’s because of caring commitments, entrepreneurs supplementing their income, people who want to travel or simply not work all of the year.”

According to PwC, applications will be based on skills rather than specific roles. The firm will then match people with the relevant projects it is working on.

The firm is currently looking for qualified accountants working in audit to support its permanent teams during the audit busy season. The four-to-six month-placement will start from October.

Flexible Talent Network staff who work 20 hours or more each week are also eligible to participate in PwC’s pension scheme, flexible benefits scheme and other staff benefits, the firm said.

Earlier this month, a survey by YouGov revealed that 42% of UK employees are now working flexibly and seven in 10 people would like to do so in the future.