Danny McCance 22 Aug 2019 12:07pm

Work affects mental health of two-thirds in finance

Almost two thirds (65.6%) of finance professionals say that work is having a damaging effect on their mental health, a new survey has revealed

More than half (51.5%) said that it had made them consider stepping down from their roles.

Furthermore, 54.5% felt that their employer did not do enough to provide support, according to online job site CV-Library.

The survey laid out some suggestions of support that individuals felt their employer could offer, such as reducing pressure to work long hours (61.1%); promoting a healthier work-life balance (57.2%) and allowing employees to take time off when needed (55.6%).

More than a third (38.9%) also suggested that employers should refer employees to a counselling service.

While 42.2%of finance professionals said they would speak to a medical professional about their mental health, only 3% said they would feel comfortable talking to their boss.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, said the research “shows the changes that finance professionals most want to see in the workplace, but these aren’t likely to take effect if you don’t raise the subject with your employer.

“The more of us that speak out about our problems, the quicker we can establish change at work. Once we shake the stigma, solutions will follow,” he added.

It’s not only employees feeling the affects of work on mental health. In February research from the Institute of Directors found that 57% of directors and managers surveyed have experienced mental health issues triggered by work pressure.