22 May 2012

Deborah Meaden backs Make it in Great Britain campaign

Deborah Meaden, the entrepreneur best known for her role on BBC’s <i>Dragons’ Den</i>, is backing a government campaign to tackle outdated perceptions of manufacturing and seek out new innovative ideas

As part of the Make it in Great Britain campaign announced today, Meaden is joining other influential business leaders from across the UK to help challenge negative perceptions of British manufacturing.

 “What this campaign is doing is demonstrating to the public how truly exciting and innovative manufacturing is, and highlighting the range of opportunities that exist, particularly for young people,” Meaden said.

“As consumers we care more about the finished product, but what we miss out on is the fascinating way in which that product is created. More and more I find myself coming away from visits to businesses and laboratories across the country thinking how impressed I am with manufacturing in this country.”

Business minister Mark Prisk said: “Both Government and industry agree that changing negative perceptions of manufacturing is essential if we are to rebalance the economy, and to attract the next generation of engineering and manufacturing talent.