Jessica Fino 8 Dec 2017 12:21pm

Women under more stress at work than men

A new survey has found that more women feel under pressure at work than their male counterparts

According to the salary benchmarking website Emolument, 57% of women said the amount of work they did had made them physically ill, compared to 48% of men, and 16% more female than male staff had been bullied at their workplace.

Almost half (43%) of the women surveyed also felt their boss invaded their personal time, compared to 30% of men.

Financial services workers are one of the most pressured professionals, the survey found, with 45% of the industry’s workforce admitting to feeling pressured at work.

The most under-pressure professionals work in construction and real estate (74%), media (58%), manufacturing (47%) and healthcare (46%).

The most relaxed workers are in the apps, web and eCommerce industry, at 28%, followed by technology and telecoms (31%) and public sector (36%).

Emolument also found that workers in Germany, the US, Ireland, Australia and Hong Kong felt the most pressure at work.

In the UK, 42% of the workforce feels pressured at work, with 48% confessing the amount of work they do makes them ill, and 32% feeling their boss invade their personal time.

Alice Leguay, chief marketing manager and co-founder at said, “While transparency on company and sector performance when it comes to well-being at work is not widely available, standards are likely to improve thanks to pressure from millennials, especially in industries where they are most ubiquitous such as technology.”

She warned that other industries would have to catch up if they wanted to retain their competitive advantage.