Jessica Fino 11 Dec 2018 03:40pm

Five EY partners fired for inappropriate conduct

EY has revealed that it has dismissed five UK partners for inappropriate behaviour over the past four years

EY is the latest of the Big Four in the UK to disclose that partners have recently been let go for bullying and/or sexual harassment. This week Deloitte, KPMG and PwC admitted they had fired 20, seven and five partners respectively.

Justine Campbell, EY’s managing partner for talent in the UK said, “Allegations of inappropriate conduct are always taken very seriously and are fully investigated. Disciplinary action, including dismissal, is taken as appropriate.

“At EY it is important that we maintain the right inclusive culture for our people and we have strict policies on sexual harassment and bullying in place. We also have a dedicated hotline and actively encourage our people to report any incidents of inappropriate behaviour which we act on immediately.”

The firm said that is has, and will in the future, dismiss partners who commit an act of unacceptable or inappropriate behaviour of a serious nature that warrants dismissal.

It added in a statement that its global code of conduct and new inclusion and non-discrimination global policy provide an ethical framework for addressing actions or behaviours that are not consistent with its values.

“We take any allegations of harassment in the workplace very seriously. Ensuring our people feel safe, included and valued is part of our culture and this is a responsibility we are committed to uphold.”

Yesterday it was revealed that Deloitte UK had fired 20 of its 1,000 partners over the last four years due to inappropriate behaviour, including sexual harassment and bullying.

KPMG said seven of its 635 partners had been dismissed for bullying and/or sexual harassment behaviour over the last four years.

PwC also admitted five out of its 915 partners were fired in the last three years for inappropriate behaviour.