Jessica Fino 24 Dec 2018 12:06pm

New HMRC scam exposed

Taxpayers have been warned of a new HMRC scam trying to trick them into paying fines, according to security experts Comparitech

 The company exposed a call where a fake HMRC officer, using a fictitious name, warns “the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive”.

“If you do not call us back or we do not here from your solicitors, either, then get ready to face the legal consequences,” the message says.

According to the Info Security website, Paul Bischogg, privacy advocate at Comparitech, said, “Comparitech attempted to call the number back in order to find out more information, but did not receive a response as of time of writing.

“However, other people who have reported the same message from the same number say they were asked to pay upwards of £3000 in taxes. If they did not pay immediately, the scammer told them, that figure would increase 20-fold by the end of the day.”

Moreover, taxpayers are receiving messages claiming HMRC agents are watching their property and threaten raiding their houses if they fail to pay the fine.