Raymond Doherty 8 Feb 2019 05:12pm

KPMG accused of poaching 130 French lawyers

The Big Four firm has been threatened with legal action by France’s largest law practice

According to a report in Le Figaro, 130 lawyers resigned suddenly from Fidal and jumped ship to KPMG’s growing French legal services division.

The move is especially galling for Fidal, as it had a years-long partnership with KPMG up until July last year. The separation agreement contained, says Fidal, a two-year cooling off period during which either side cannot hire from the other.

All of the hires were based in Paris, where Fidal employs 480 of its total 1,400 lawyers.

Yves de Sevin, president of Fidal, is considering suing KMPG for unfair competition, said the report.

“They suggested we become part of their overall network, which we refused to do, and then each have our own teams,” said de Sevin,

“It’s unacceptable and the exact opposite of what happens in good relationships”.

KPMG France has been contacted for comment.