Danny McCance 28 Feb 2019 11:00am

London finance professionals top dating app

London finance professionals are seen as the most desirable partner for those dating online

London men working in finance accounted for more than 26.9% of all right swipes – individuals swipe right to show interest or left to ignore – on dating app Inner Circle while women in the sector accounted for 20.3% of right swipes.

Women in finance were also most popular in New York and Toronto, making up 14.1% and 13.9% of right swipes respectively, according to CityAM.

The app analysed data from 5,000 members across London, New York, LA, Paris, Amsterdam, Sydney and Toronto to find out which professions were most popular.

In London, the second most popular type of male professionals were in the computer and tech industry, with men in this sector making up 6.4% of right swipes.

For women in the capital the second place spot went to healthcare – accounting for 8% of swipes.

Women in finance topped the popularity tables in London, New York and Toronto, while men in finance ranked highest in every city but LA, where entertainment professionals topped the list and finance professionals dropped to fifth place.

Similarly in LA, female finance professionals didn’t even make the top five with the US city favouring women in healthcare, (20.3%), entertainment (14.4%) and fashion (9.3%).

Research in 2017 found accountants to be the fourth most dateable professional after doctors, emergency services workers and artists.