23 Jan 2014 09:41am

Dodwell new CIOT VP

Bill Dodwell, head of tax policy at Deloitte, has been appointed vice president of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT)

Current CIOT deputy president, Anne Fairpo, is to become president from May, succeeding Stephen Coleclough, while current vice president, Chris Jones will become deputy president.

Dodwell, who chairs the CIOT’s Technical Committee and is a member of the Institute’s council, specialises in international corporate taxation. He was also a member of the interim advisory panel on the GAAR.

The tax expert said he is “honoured” to have been appointed. “The CIOT has an important role to play in promoting greater public understanding of the tax system and I look forward to contributing to its continuous development.”

Stephen Coleclough, current CIOT president, said, “Bill is already rightly established as one of the most high profile UK tax professionals. He maintains a regular presence within the media and public life and uses such opportunities to develop a greater understanding of complex tax issues. When it comes to explaining why it is that companies pay the amount of tax that they do, and busting some of the myths that float around this area, he is one of the best in the business.”

Raymond Doherty


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