17 Jan 2014 12:18pm

Londoners pay the penalty of late filing

Londoners are the worst at getting their tax returns in on time, research by HMRC has revealed

Around 11% of the 560,000 people living in inner London who were required to send in a tax return last year did not do so by the deadlines (31 October for paper returns and 31 January for online ones).

Those living in outer London fared slightly better – 9% failed to meet the deadlines – but they were still the second worst offenders in the country.

Outside London, the North West came bottom with 8% of their 890,000 returns filed late.

The goody two shoes in all this turned out to be taxpayers in the South West. Of the 1m tax returns due in, only 6% arrived late. The national average was 7%.

In a lyrical frame of mind, HMRC director general of personal tax Ruth Owen said, “Whether you’re from London, Livingston, Lisburn or Llandudno, the consequences of missing the tax return deadline are the same – an automatic £100 late-filing penalty.

“The longer you delay, the more you have to pay. So if you still have to send us your tax return, take action now.”

Julia Irvine


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