Jessica Fino 11 Jan 2019 10:47am

PwC staff go vegan

Staff at PwC’s UK offices have adhered to the Veganuary Workplace Challenge, committing to a plant-based diet

According to the Big Four firm, over 500 staff signed up to receive a daily email during this month which includes recipe ideas and tips, as well as discounts on vegan dishes in the office’s restaurant.

An internal survey found 64% of its staff felt it was important PwC helps them consider changes to their diet, and 75% are looking to grow their intake of plant-based foods.

Bridget Jackson, chief sustainability officer at PwC, said previous research had revealed that 4% of PwC employees are vegan, compared to 1% nationally. Moreover, 14% are vegetarian and 39% are flexitarian, and seeking to reduce the amount of meat in their diets.

She said, “Veganuary might not seem an obvious cause for us, but becoming a low-carbon business is a priority for the firm so it feels right we raise awareness of the benefits of more sustainable food choices.

“Whether vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, people consider a more plant-based diet for a variety of reasons, including the environment, health and ethical standards. We want to make it easier for our people to make the food choices that are right for them.

“Given that so many food retailers and high street eateries are introducing vegan ranges in response to growing consumer demand, it makes sense that employers do the same.”

The Veganuary initiative follows PwC’s Peas Please campaign, which aims at encouraging staff to adopt a sustainable diet. The firm committed to increase spend on vegetables sold at its restaurant from 15% to 20%, a goal that was reached eight months later. PwC now hopes to reach a target of 25% by 2020.