Raymond Doherty 30 Jan 2019 08:37am

RSM global revenues up to $5.37bn

An increase in consulting work boosted RSM’s 2018 global turnover by 5.4% to $5.37bn (£4.07bn)

The introduction of GDPR, increased cross-border trade risk and the growing threat from cybercrime all helped grow RSM’s consulting revenue by 14.5%. Tax advisory services were also up by 6%, while accounting services turnover grew 13%.

RSM more than doubled its annual growth in Europe (12%) and enjoyed a strong year in Latin America (8%) and steady business in the Middle East (4%) and Africa (2%).

North America, however, remained its largest market with total fee income of $3.4bn (£2.58bn) – representing 6% growth year-on-year.

Jean Stephens, CEO of RSM International said, “2018 was a year of growth across our network, particularly for our rapidly expanding consulting services. Clients around the world looked to RSM for solutions based on a true understanding of their needs, solid expertise in their market and the agility to move quickly as the business landscape shifts.”

RSM recently announced the acquisition of PKF Frankfurt and Beijing-based Huapu Tianjian.

RSM International announced a global rebrand in October 2015, with its more-than 110 member firms adopting the name worldwide.