Julia Irvine 10 Jul 2019 12:52pm

HMRC warns about WhatsApp messages

HMRC has issued a warning for taxpayers against responding to WhatsApp messages purporting to come from the department and talking about a tax refund

In an update to its guidance on HMRC-related phishing emails and bogus contacts, it make it clear that it will never use WhatsApp to contact people about refunds.

“If you receive any communication through WhatsApp saying it’s from HMRC, it is a scam,” it says.

Taxpayers who receive any such message should email the details to, then delete it.

The guidance gives up-to-date examples of the wide range of tax rebate and refund scams that fraudsters are using to target taxpayers to try to persuade them to reveal their personal details. These include attempts made via email, pdf attachments, text messages, bogus phone calls, social media, refund companies and export clearance process (delivery stop order) emails or 419 scams.