10 Jun 2014 11:29am

Clegg to revive mansion tax pledge

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg made a speech on Monday that unveiled plans for a mansion tax, should the Liberal Democrats be elected in 2015

Giving a speech in Bloomsbury, London, Clegg said that those with more money must pay more tax to help cut the deficit.

Clegg said, “So not just through spending cuts, but also by asking those with the broadest shoulders to make some additional contributions too, including for instance through our banded mansion tax, extending new tax bands to higher value properties.”

The Lib Dem leader said the measure was fairer than the approach taken by the Conservative party, who he accused of letting the very wealthy pay less tax than they should.

He said, “The Tories have now ruled out asking the very wealthy to pay even just a bit more in tax to help the ongoing fiscal effort. Instead, they’ve said they’ll take billions more from the welfare budget.”

Oliver Griffin


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