12 Jun 2015 12:12pm

Salzburg brothel in tax protest

A brothel in Salzburg has launched an unconventional protest over what it said were unfairly high tax rates

According to its website, Pascha brothel has launched a “summer special”, the Telegraph reports.

“We’re not paying any more tax!” An announcement on the brothel’s website said. “From now on: Free entry! Free drinks! Free sex!

Its owner, Hermann Muller, told the Austrian tabloid Kronen Zeitung that he would pay the prostitutes out of his own pocket.

“In the past decade alone I’ve paid nearly €5m (£3.6m) in taxes in Salzburg alone,” he said

“And they want more and more, instead of cracking down on illegal street and apartment prostitution.”

Licensed brothels in Austria operate as clubs and provide prostitutes with a safe place to work. Under Austrian law however the prostitutes must be self-employed and so would still be liable for their own taxes.

Ellie Clayton

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