Frances Ball 25 Jun 2019 12:32pm

BDO trials virtual reality game for new hires

BDO is attempting to attract top new talent with an Alice in Wonderland themed game that tests potential recruits’ abilities in problem-solving and assessing cause and effect

Prospective employees will play the virtual game in a specialist room at BDO’s Baker Street offices.

According to the Telegraph, one challenge will see recruits try to find a key in a room in which objects and the player change size depending on the actions taken.

Alice, when in Wonderland, grows or shrinks depending on what she consumes in one particular room. At BDO, this challenge has been designed to assess how people establish cause and effect.

BDO’s UK head of audit Scott Knight said the game “shows how people can adapt their own behavior depending on the circumstances around them as well as highlighting resilience and independent thinking.”

BDO is currently the UK’s fifth-largest firm. It is fighting to attract talent away from the Big Four, but also, Knight points out, from start-ups and tech disruptors.

“To attract these people, accountancy firms need to make sure that the recruitment process is fun and innovative as well as helping us to know the real person better and understand their IQ, [as well as their] emotional and digital intelligence.”

“I think we are ahead of the game but I don’t think we have long [before others copy],” he added. BDO is looking to improve its overall recruitment process, the firm said. It has already increased the number of digital interviews it holds.