24 Mar 2016 12:19pm

ICAEW to stay neutral on EU referendum

ICAEW council members have decided that the best way forward for the institute in the run-up to the EU referendum is to adopt a neutral position

In a blog posted today, ICAEW chief executive Michael Izza explains that the organisation will be encouraging a “wide-ranging evidence-based debate” but “in a dispassionate and objective way” so that members can make an informed choice on 23 June.

As part of the “positive and constructive contribution” to that debate, ICAEW has published three papers setting out both sides of the argument in relation to tradeemployment and financial services.

It will also host a number of debates and discussions around the UK, some of which have already taken place.

On 1 March, for example, former EU trade commissioner Lord Mandelson came to Chartered Accountants’ Hall to deliver a keynote speech on behalf of the “In” campaign. ICAEW is also working on another high profile event with the “Leave” campaign.

Izza goes on to assure members that whatever the outcome of the vote, ICAEW will continue as an international professional accountancy body “supporting our members and students and investing in the relationships with governments, regulators and other professional bodies that we have built up over many years”.

Julia Irvine


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