19 May 2014 10:31am

Clegg calls for Scotland to control own tax

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg will call for Scotland to have more control over its income tax in a speech on Monday

Clegg, whose Liberal Democrats have consistently supported greater devolution of power to Edinburgh, said Scotland should decide the rates and bands for income, capital gains and inheritance tax.

In remarks issued before his speech, Clegg said, “Income tax paid on earnings by Scottish taxpayers should be the responsibility of the Scottish parliament.”

Earlier this month, the Scottish government was given the power to issue its own bonds, allowing it to raise debt in its own name while still remaining part of the UK.

Ahead of the referendum in September, businesses voted overwhelmingly in favour of a ‘no’ vote. According to a recent British Chambers of Commerce survey, 85% of businesses do not want an independent Scotland.

Oliver Griffin


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