Frances Ball 28 May 2019 11:36am

Manchester United knocked off top spot

After a stable three years the top valued clubs have rotated, with Real Madrid beating Man United and Bayern München overtaking Barcelona into third place

Both Man United and Barcelona suffered a decrease in enterprise value (EV) by 1% and 4% respectively.

Real Madrid has also had a significant boost from UEFA prize money, having won the Champions League three times in a row.

With nine clubs on KPMG’s 27-strong list, England was the most represented country – but the firm’s EV analysis also took into account the devaluation of the pound, which has negatively affected every English club.

Still, the nine English Premier League clubs accounted for 43% of total aggregate value.

Deloitte’s Sports Business Group has produced its findings on the revenue increase for clubs moving into the Premier League, as Aston Villa did on Monday.

Regardless of which team emerged as the winner on Monday, the promotion to the Premier League would have seen an increase in revenue for the club, according to Deloitte analysts.

Aston Villa’s 2-1 win in the Championship play-off final at Wembley yesterday pushed the team into the Premier League after a three-year absence.

Having won the final, if Aston Villa manages to avoid relegation in their first Premier League season, the increase in their revenue will rise to a minimum of £300m.

Dan Jones, partner and head of the Sports Business Group at Deloitte, explained, “The UEFA Champions League Final may draw the bigger worldwide audience of the two games but with Liverpool and Tottenham already assured of Champions League football next season, and a comparatively small bonus of £6.6m for the winner, the guaranteed financial reward on offer in North London is significantly higher than in Madrid.”

The £170m boost will come largely from a combination of broadcast and commercial revenue generated by the Premier League.