Jessica Fino 5 Nov 2018 04:19pm

Soft skills number one demand for accountants

Soft skills have overtaken technical and analytical abilities as the most important asset for finance recruiters

Accountancy and finance businesses are prioritising the recruitment of people with strong communication skills rather than “just number crunchers,” a survey from Reed Finance has found.

Oral and written comprehension were ranked the most valuable skills for finance professionals, while economics and accounting and deductive reasoning were ranked the fourth and tenth most important.

It also found interest in partners has picked up over the last decade, according to Reed, rising 2500% from 2009 to July 2018.

Rob Russell, director at Reed Finance, said, “Businesses are in direct competition for employees that can bring ‘human’ skills to the table, not just technical accounting and number crunching.

“The influx of AI in the workplace is helping to enhance the numerical skillsets within these teams, so there will be greater time for high-level creativity. Companies want candidates that can communicate, secure business wins and manage teams so that they perform to the best of their ability,” he added.

It found companies are looking for people that can win new business and demonstrate a return on investment, and that can secure the future of their business.