Julia Irvine 29 Nov 2019 02:09pm

PwC wins IGG audit tender

IG Group Holdings has reappointed PwC as its auditor from May 2021 after a formal tender process by its audit committee

The FTSE 250 company will put a resolution to the shareholders at the agm in September next year.

IGG’s audit committee announced in the 2018 annual report that it would be holding a formal tender but that PwC would be included. The firm has audited the multi-platform global trading company since October 2010.

Last year, the firm earned £1.1m in audit fees and £700,000 in audit-related fees. It also earned a further £200,000 in non-audit fees. These, it explains, primarily related to the licensing of software used for the production of client stock trading statements.

IGG said in a statement that it wished to “thank all firms who were involved in the audit tender process for the time and commitment invested”.