22 Oct 2014 12:41pm

Lib Dem leak leans toward mansion tax pledge

A leaked photo, believed to be an outline of the Liberal Democrats’ 2015 election manifesto, shows mansion tax is firmly on the party’s agenda

The photograph, which was published on Twitter, shows a number of bullet points in a document held by Nick Clegg’s key strategist, Ryan Coetzee.

One of the points shows the wording “introducing a banded High Value Property (the ‘mansion tax’) [on] residential properties worth over £2m”.

This puts the Lib Dems further at odds with their coalition partners, who have persistently criticised shadow chancellor Ed Balls’ pledge to introduce a mansion tax should Labour gain power in 2015.

Earlier this year, the Lib Dem leadership appeared to backtrack on a mansion tax, with Danny Alexander, chief secretary to the Treasury, allegedly preferring to opt for a higher band of council tax.

However the Lib Dem pre-manifesto, which was voted on at the party’s 2014 conference, briefly outlined proposals for a mansion tax, although not in the same detail as their Labour counterparts.

The Conservatives have described a mansion tax as “unworkable”, with exchequer secretary to the Treasury Priti Patel saying a “homes tax won’t raise the money [Labour] says it will”.

A Lib Dem spokesperson declined to comment on any of the bullet points, and denied that the document had been deliberately leaked.

Oliver Griffin


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