Jessica Fino 12 Oct 2018 02:55pm

EY US to recruit 15,700 new people

EY is reportedly planning to recruit 15,700 people in the US next year as part of a hiring boost

The firm’s recruitment leader Larry Nash told Accounting Today the firm is planning to bring 6,300 experienced staff and 9,400 students for jobs and internships.

Nash said the firm is aiming at recruiting more “tech-minded” candidates, in areas like tax technology, cybersecurity and blockchain.

"Technology’s role in and impact on accounting is only growing. This is apparent when we think about the skills we’re looking for in our new hires. For example, while we will always need dynamic leaders with traditional business backgrounds and skills in accounting and supply chain, upskilling employees with skills in areas such as cybersecurity, data analytics, blockchain and robotics has become increasingly important,” said Nash.

But he added that soft skills such as critical thinking and leadership still remain “incredibly vital”.

In August EY revealed plans to invest $1bn globally in new technology and innovation over the next two financial years.

Last month, the firm posted global revenues of $34.8bn (£26.68bn), an increase of 11% for the financial year ended June 2018, with its American market growing 7.4%.

It said at the time it had completed 21 acquisitions in 2018 in areas such as cyber, blockchain and analytics, including Citizen, BlackLine Systems and JDA Software.

Its workforce grew by 5.7%, to more than 260,000, with almost two million people applying for EY jobs last year.