Raymond Doherty 7 Oct 2019 03:13pm

Dominic Chappell denies £500,000 tax fraud

Dominic Chappell, the former owner of BHS, has denied avoiding paying half a million pounds in tax

Chappell appeared at Southwark Crown Court on Friday for a plea hearing on three charges of cheating the public revenue. He pleaded not guilty to all three, according to reports.

Prosecutors previously alleged that the total sum owed to HMRC was approximately £500,000.

In the first of the three charges of cheating the public revenue Chappell allegedly failed to register Swiss Rock for VAT from the correct date and provided HMRC with misleading information. He also allegedly failed to correct the Revenue’s tax assessment and provided accountants with false information.

In the second charge Chappell allegedly cheated the public revenue of corporation tax between January 2014 and 2016.

The third charge is that between April 2014 to 2016 he failed to declare income to HMRC.

Two additional charges of money laundering he originally faced have been dropped.

Chappell bought BHS for £1 from then owner Sir Philip Green in 2015 before it fell into administration and remained owner until it collapsed a year later.

Chappell will now have a trial in front of a High Court judge on 5 October 2019.