Frances Ball 15 Oct 2019 11:47am

Retired PwC partners split £100m

More than 1,000 former PwC partners shared a total of £100m this year, one of which is a current member of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) conduct committee

PwC does not disclose exactly how much each former partner receives , but in the year to 30 June, the average payment per member was £90,000, as first reported by the Financial Times.

They are annuity payments for retired partners and are determined at the date of retirement.

John Hitchens, who currently sits on the conduct committee of the FRC, is among the beneficiaries. He retired from PwC in 2014 after 26 years at the firm.

He declared his “retired partners allowance” to the FRC in its register of interests. The committee on which he sits oversees the regulation of accountants.

PwC declined to comment on Hitchens’ payment. The FRC has been approached for comment.

PwC says that certain former partners are paid pension annuities “and other post-retirement payments”, as are the surviving partners and dependents of deceased former partners.

Although the firm’s annual report references the annuities, they are not recognised in the firm’s financial statements because they are personal obligations of the individuals rather than of the LLP.