18 Sep 2013 09:34am

EY voted second most attractive employer

EY has replaced KPMG as the world’s second most attractive business employer

KPMG dropped six places to eighth place in the survey, with fellow Big Four members PwC and Deloitte also in the top ten in fourth and seventh place respectively.

Google headed the 2013 Universum Global business rankings which showed strong competition between professional services, investment banking and consumer goods industries.

Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Apple, Coca-Cola, and P&G rounded out the top ten.

The list is compiled from Universum’s annual Student Surveys conducted in the world’s 12 largest economies. Over 200,000 business and engineering students were asked to select the employers that they would consider working for, and then select their top five “ideal” employers.

Mid-tier firm Grant Thornton also made the list, being ranked at number 35 in the top-50 list.

“Universum’s research indicates that the Millennial generation is one of inconsistencies: students say they want work/life balance, but also job security and challenging work,” said Petter Nylander, Universum’s CEO.

“Furthermore, these preferences differ across markets. The strongest organisations are those that can successfully appeal to the preferences in each market, while also maintaining a consistent employer brand,” he added.

Raymond Doherty


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