Raymond Doherty 4 Sep 2019 03:39pm

Javid opens coffers in first spending round

In his first fiscal event since becoming chancellor, Sajid Javid vowed to boost public spending by £14bn

The chancellor revealed a 4.1% rise in public spending – what he called the "fastest increase in day-to-day spending in 15 years".

He promised “no department will be cut next year”, adding that, “every single department has had its budget for day-to-day spending increased at least in line with inflation. That’s what I mean by the end of austerity," he says.

The speech, however, came the morning after the government suffered a humiliating defeat in Parliament after which prime minister Boris Johnson immediately called for a general election. With so much uncertainty it is unlikely most of the pledges made in the spending round will come to pass.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell called Javid’s spending plans and speech “a compendium of meaningless platitudes” and “grubby electioneering”.

Javid announced a further £2bn for Brexit and no deal preparedness and the NHS to receive an extra £6.2bn.

He also pledged £1.5bn for social care and a school funding increase by £7.1bn by 2022-23. Javid also said that infrastructure spending is "not good enough", announced a review of the “fiscal framework” and vowed to “keep control of our national debt”.