Raymond Doherty 30 Sep 2019 03:33pm

KPMG asks staff to return work mobiles

The Big Four firm has asked some of its UK work force to return their company mobile phones

The cost-saving policy applies mainly to junior staff who are not required to do out-of-office work or on-site client work.

A spokesperson for KPMG said, “Over the past year we have invested in a range of technologies to support our people, which enable them to work from home or the office with ease. As a result we have less need for mobile phones in certain areas of the business.”

The decision was announced to staff in an internal memo.

The news comes after recent reports that the firm is making around a third of its back-room staff redundant in an effort to cut costs, with partners being pushed to file their own expenses.

KPMG has had a bruising few years, and is attempting to repair its reputation after high-profile setbacks that include the collapse of Carillion in January last year.

The firm has 603 partners, who were paid an average of £601,200 each last year.