Julia Irvine 9 Sep 2019 03:33pm

Moore loses Stephens in global rebranding exercise

Global accounting and consultancy network Moore Stephens International is no more – it has dropped the Stephens International and today rebranded itself as Moore Global

Chief executive Anton Colella says that in doing so the network, which is ranked 11th largest in the world, has chosen “a new identity fit for a world defined by global decision-making, data-driven insight and the need for agility in all that we do”.

Moore Global supposedly “encapsulates the traditional core strengths of Moore Stephens, while positioning a more modern, internationally-relevant brand, supporting the future success of a globally-connected accounting and consultancy network”.

Most of the network’s 260-plus independent member firms will adopt the Moore name by mid-2020. This includes the network’s latest recruit, London-based Kingston Smith, which has already rebranded as Moore Kingston Smith.

The top 20 firm joined the network on 1 May, filling the void left when the London office of Moore Stephens merged with BDO.

At the time, the firm said it would not be copying the rest of the UK firms within the network by adopting the Moore Stephens name and brand in the immediate future. However it added that it would be considering how better to integrate the brands in the longer term.

Moore Kingston Smith managing partner Maureen Penfold said that the new name showed the firm’s alliance with the global network while retaining its commitment to its inheritance in the UK. “We are still a fiercely independent firm but adding Moore helps us from a global perspective.”

She added that the firm’s experience following the decision to join Moore Global had been good. “With the alliance across the UK and globally, we have been able to help clients more quickly around the world than perhaps we could before and we are also receiving a lot of interest in London from elsewhere, which is reassuring.”

The Stephens name was added around 1918, 11 years after the firm was founded by Sir Harold Moore, as Moore, Partridge & Co. The Partridge was dropped in 1914.

Its partner John Stephens didn’t stay much longer than Partridge, but the Moore family has been represented at the firm throughout – grandson Richard is currently chairman of the global firm. His father, Hobart, was instrumental in setting up the global network.