Raymond Doherty 20 Dec 2018 03:22pm

Most-read opinion 2018

This year our readers wanted expert opinion on everything from what hinders the advancement of women in the workplace, to UK financial reporting, to whether we are set for another global financial crash

1. Best places for auditors 2019

Whether you are looking for a better work life balance, a new challenge or a step- up in your accountancy career – here are some regions that might tick all the boxes next year

2. “Queen bees” hinder women in the workplace

Queen Bee Syndrome hinders the advancement of women in the workplace, as well as damaging productivity, profit and progress

3. What you need to know about Unexplained Wealth Orders

Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs), first ratified in the Criminal Finances Act of April last year, are now in force meaning UK law enforcement agencies have a new tool at their disposal to help fight organised crime

4. Recognising the traits of Bad Boss Syndrome

Staff join firms but leave bosses. We are seduced by the prestigious firm and exciting role – then we meet our boss. And that’s when the reality of bad boss syndrome hits and hurts

5. How to restore faith in financial reporting

David Barnes, global managing director of public policy for Deloitte, shares some of the lessons that the UK profession can learn from the US in boosting confidence in financial reporting

6. Why audit fees must rise

EY UK’s head of audit talked with economia about the influences changing the market and why fees will have to rise

7. Debate: statutory audit will be defunct by 2030

We asked a number of experts, professors, business groups and firms if statutory audit will be defunct by 2030

8. Are we heading for another financial crash?

Former UK prime minister Gordon Brown thinks so – here are five reasons he could be right

9. Five stereotypes about older workers debunked

Legislation to outlaw discrimination on the basis of age was first introduced in the UK in 2006

10. How a Swiss bank was toppled in Malaysia

The world’s biggest financial scandal, over missing billions from Malaysian state-run development fund 1MDB, has left the country’s former prime minister, Najib Razak, facing charges of corruption – charges which he denies